First, we thank you for being a loyal B2B partner with Renfro Brands. Disruption to the global supply chains has ignited a worldwide shipping crisis, with prices of freight skyrocketing due to various reasons including shortage of containers and numerous delays. Due to this unprecedented crisis, our brands have been greatly impacted by rising cost of both raw materials and shipping charges. To date, Renfro has absorbed these costs, but we now must share some of the cost increases with our retail partners. This 5% surcharge is not meant to be permanent. Renfro will continue to communicate any changes in this new policy. We will evaluate these evolving transportation challenges and adjust accordingly. Renfro appreciates your understanding and partnership during this challenging time. We wish you a successful and strong retail season.

Starting June 15, 2022 Renfro Brands will implement a 5% surcharge on all new orders for Copper Defense, Dr Scholl’s, Fruit of the Loom, Merrell and Sperry.

  • All orders received prior to June 15, 2022 will not incur the surcharge
  • The surcharge will be reflected on invoices for all orders received on and after June 15, 2022 and will continue until further notice

We are all in this together.

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